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My Computer Assistant:
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My Backup Assistant
Hard Disk Sentinel
My Computer Assistant has partnered with a major
online backup provider to provide you with an full
featured, excellent product at a fair price. For more
information, and for a custom quote, please contact
me directly.
For files, links and information associated with Team
Viewer, (remote support)  click the link below to
open a new web page and be redirected to the Team
Viewer website.
An award wining, multipurpose application that An
award wining, multipurpose application that giving
you valuable, real time information about the you
valuable, real time information about the condition
of your hard drive. Also includes a routine for
performing local backups. Available as a license for
a single computer or as a 'family pack' which is
licensed for 5 computers. Very reasonable cost.
(You will be redirected to, an
ecommerce site for purchasing or for
downloading a trail version. This is a secure
ecommerce site associated with Digital River. To
purchase, you will need to set up an account. My
Computer Assistant Company does not store any
of your personal information.)
Hard Disk Sentinel Professional 1 License
Hard Disk Sentinel Professional Family license
(5 computers)
Hard Disk Sentinel Professional - 25 license pak
Buy it here, or download a trial version using
these links. (The trial version is only available
as a single computer license. If you try it and
like it, come back and purchase a family
Antivirus Choice
the market today. The challenge is to find one that is
not only effective at protecting your computer
assets, but that does not compromise computer
performance, is affordable, and that offers good  
support options. Also, some packages offer add-ons,
such as remote access, anti-malware, identity
protection, laptop theft protection, and password

My recommendations vary based on a client's
needs, whether a home or a business, and other
factors. I offer several links to products, and will be
more than happy to discuss the options for you. I will
help you decide whether a basic free version is
adequate, or whether a full featured suite is more
appropriate. Note that I will support ANY antivirus
packages that clients choose to install; each
package has its own strengths and weaknesses.
Below are links to several of these packages.
Remote support/
Other stuff
Hard Disk
TeamViewer QuickSupport for Windows or Mac Users
Local Backup - Acronis
Click HERE for Acronis True Image. (PC Only) Get a reliable tool to protect your data from any disaster and recover it promptly!
BitDefender - a consistent Award Winner, a full
featured, affordable, choice with great 24/7
support options.
My Computer Assistant has partnered
with BitDefender to provide you the
best service and product features. For
pricing and availability on the various
versions, please contact me directly.
(purchase directly through this link)
Canned Air without the can!- Hurricane. No refills
needed; rechargeable; no freon or other harmful
I can provide clients with either a
standalone, self-installed antivirus, a
cloud-based managed service, or a
cloud-based, self-managed service.
Know the health of your hard drives at all times! Be
proactive - BEFORE a hard drive fails!
Canless Air
I LOVE this product - I highly recommend it!
TeamViewer Host for Windows or Mac Users (allows
permanent access; permanent password assigned)
Download TeamViewer TeamViewer Quick Support
Download TeamViewer Download TeamViewer Host
Click the link above for special pricing on
this ecofriendly, economical, amazing
product - discounted during
Feb and March!